Cinematalk Halloween 2013 Special

Cinematalk Halloween 2013 Special

In this special spooktacular Halloween episode, Johnnymelodica traces the origins of horror to the brooding heart of the German literary and intellectual tradition through the lens of the 1920 silent film “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.” Featuring special guest and photographer Mary Defer, who shares her experiences shooting abandoned malls and amusement parks in Ohio, and thoughts on all things spooky, including Hitchcock, the ‘uncanny valley’ phenomenon, and the tale of the Melon Heads. Pee Wee Herman makes a cameo.


A discussion of Borges’s “The Babylon Lottery” (1941)

In a segment from this week’s episode of Cinematalk (sundays @ 4-5), Johnnymelodica discusses Jorge Luis Borges’s short story The Babylon Lottery, a tale of a city where all events, large and small, are dictated by pure chance.  Or are they?

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Cinematalk October 13 2013

Cinematalk October 13 2013

In his weekly radio show Cinematalk (Sundays 4-5pm), Johnnymelodica waxes philosophical, tracing the rise and fall of ideas through music, literature, and film.

In this episode, Johnnymelodica takes back the classroom with Tom Berenger in “The Substitute” (1993), dredges up hilarious trailers to the dystopian direct-to-video “Class of 1999” series, and examines themes of Stoic acceptance and compassion in the Camus-inspired, intensely human “Detachment” (2011), starring Adrian Brody as a substitute teacher in a crumbling public school. He also looks at “Mouse Hunt” (1997) starring Nathan Lane and Lee Evans, and chats with Nikhil Idnani about life and other things.


Cinematalk October 6 2013

Cinematalk October 6 2013

This week, JohnnyMelodica takes a look at food in film, and explores themes of commensailty in Federico Fellini’s “Satyricon,” a 1969 (and what better year to make a movie?) film adaptation of the ancient work by Petronius, an account of a night of decadence and debauchery on the town called Rome, a phantasmagoria at times hideous, hilarious, spellbinding and unhinging.  Also Julie Taymor’s 1999 transhistorical adaptation of the Bard’s tragedy “Titus Andronicus,” a violent and visceral tale of family, food, power, and bloody revenge also set at the dizzying height of the Empire.  See what happens when geniuses, goddesses and madmen, beggars, thieves, charlatans, lovers and frauds share the table in this fun-packed episode of Cinematalk.